Sunrise English School Risod




SUNRISE always seeks to create a stimulating learning environment where students have the free space to explore, create, think, solve problems, and learn, where each student exudes confidence and experiences the joy of learning. Highly qualified and experienced teachers engage the students with their subjects and with the help of technological teaching aids, impart to students with knowledge about the subject and even beyond.

Sport is the most important as a key to health and fitness, a means of learning teamwork and fair play, and a route to developing student’s confidence and Self-Esteem. In sports, one can learn how to play, how to win, and just as a valuable lesson how to lose graciously.

Music is outstanding here.. All conventional orchestral instruments are taught. To enrich our instrumental and vocal tuition, we have more different instruments and choral ensembles rehearsing daily.

Art is explored to a very high standard, supported by the skilled artists. At SUNRISE, the students produce art both for enjoyment and for exhibition, learning to see the world through different eyes and with the patience needed to produce work of technical quality.

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