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Sunrise English School develops the best feature of English school in an atmosphere of Indian culture and social environment.

An age old dream of Hon. Annantraoji V. Deshmukh, to provide education Institution in noval way and manner is being materialized in the form of an educational institution. It is also the fruit of the hardwork and inspiration of Mrs. Jayashreetai A. Deshmukh ( The Hon. President of the school Committe)


The aim of the school is to provide education for all round development of children. To teach them how to think rather than what to think. To stimulates the begining of intellectual curiosity. concering the environment, to help him understand the world in which we lives, to awaken interest through opportunities to explore investigate and experiment

Vision & Mission

Enlightment Is Our Religion
Sunrise English School Risod is committed to provide education that helps to develop children into balanced personalities, with sound values of love, kindness, devotion and service before self.

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